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We coach grassroots football to talented and amazing young ladies,to start them on the journey to becoming the future of women’s football. Huge credit goes to For making huge steps towards making this happen. ⚽️💙⚽️


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Students at Harris Academy Ockendon should be very proud of their efforts. Two Super School awards this year, including a Silver for video watch time! Well done!


Our soon-to-be Y12 Law students had an incredible time at Chambers this week for the Skills for Law & Success Programme arranged by . Students felt it was an "amazing experience" to be taught by a judge & two barristers with time set aside for discussion & mentoring.


Year 7 Boys 200m 🏃🏼‍♂️🏃🏿‍♂️


Year 8 girls 200m 🏃‍♀️🏃🏿‍♀️


Year 9 boys 200m 🥇🥈🥉


Year 9 girls 200m 🥇🥈🥉


Stamina! 🏃🏼‍♀️🏃🏿‍♂️




Soaking up the vibes between events


Javelin 🥇🥈🥉


Rounds of inspiration from our rounders teams 🏏


Some tentative team-building on


Tracing the history of Hip Hop & experimenting with our own creative flair 🎤 Workshops delivered by the wonderful 👏🏿👏🏽👏🏻


Our intrepid students this week became police cadets in an attempt to solve the puzzling case of The Body in the Park! 🔎


From the fields of Ancient Greece to the fields of Ockendon. Behold our sturdy charioteers! 👇🏼#MakingMemories


Well that's a wrap on Making Memories Week. We've done everything from Chariot Racing, tracing the History of Hip Hop, to the Chocolate Challenge! Now for Sports Day 2022! 🏏⚽️🥇🥈🥉


Our year 8s making memories and chariots today 🎉


Well done to the year 7 rounders team on placing 2nd in the borough competition 🎉🎉


Prom vibes 🌳👗🥳

Harris Academies
All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

Central Office















Pastoral Team

Miss Driscoll, Pastoral Manager, Year 7

Driscoll dMiss Driscoll has worked at Harris Academy Ockendon since 2004, known then as The Ockendon School, then The Ockendon Academy.  She grew up in the local area, attending Grays Convent secondary school.  

Miss Driscoll started her career in Education by becoming an Assessor and Internal Verifier for General National Vocational Qualifications (GNVQ) within the workplace and with young people.  She then moved into a school setting where she gained a wide range of qualifications in areas such as Behaviour, Mental Health, First Aid, Safeguarding and Prevent, as well as Counselling.

Within her role of Pastoral Manager Miss Driscoll supports year 7, alongside their achievement leader, Mr Mutch.  She is also a key part of the Safeguarding Team within the Academy. 

Miss Driscoll is committed to serving the local community.  Her professionalism and experience over the years has enabled her to build positive relationships with students, families and external agencies. 

Miss Richardson, Pastoral Manager, Year 8

Richardson tMiss Richardson has worked at Harris Academy Ockendon since 2019 in the role of Pastoral Manager. 

Her career began in the Prison Service, working as a Prison Officer. She then went onto work for a secure training centre in Kent, where she became an Enrichment Officer, working with young offenders.  Part of her role involved delivering youth work projects, and Physical Education sessions.

In 2015 she joined a prison education provider where she was instrumental in setting up a number of successful courses.  Following this Miss Richardson starting work at South Essex College as a Support Worker before joining Harris Academy Ockendon.

In her role as Pastoral Manager Miss Richardson supports students in year 8, alongside their achievement leader Miss Barr.  She has a passion to ensure that her students have the best experience of school they can, to achieve well and enjoy being the best they can be.

Throughout her career she has gained a wide range of qualifications in topics such as education, leadership and management, first aid, mental health, behaviour, working with children with learning difficulties, autism, prevent and safeguarding.

Mrs Davison, Pastoral Manager, Year 9

20210825 082942288 iosMrs Davison started working at Harris Academy Ockendon in 2013, known then as The Ockendon Academy as a Teaching Assistant, where she was pivotal in supporting children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities in small intervention groups as well in the classroom.

She grew up in the local community studying at The Ockendon School and Palmer’s Sixth Form College. She is currently studying through The Open University towards a BA in History.

In her role as Pastoral Manager Mrs Davison supports students in Year 9 alongside their achievement leader Mr Moreland. As part of the pastoral team, she manages attendance, behaviour and focuses on pastoral issues and student wellbeing.  She works hard to develop and maintain positive relationships with the students in her year group as well as their families and external agencies.

Throughout her career she has gained a wide range of qualifications and is ambitious for not only herself but all the students she works with. She is passionate about providing all students with a positive school experience and helping them to be happy and successful.

Miss Janganant, Pastoral Manager, Year 10

Janganant aMiss Janganant has worked in education for over 7 years supporting and coaching students to inspire, motivate and achieve their goals.

Coming from a long and successful career in the Business Banking and Finance sector, she made the transition into education and won an Education Award in her first year.  Following this she undertook a Diploma in Education and Training and taught Finance to sixth form students for over three years.

In her role as Pastoral Manager Miss Janganant supports students in year 10 alongside their achievement leader Mr Mann. As part of the pastoral team, she manages attendance, supervises study periods, and focuses on pastoral issues and wellbeing.

Miss Janganant is also the academy co-ordinator for the ‘Make Happen’ programme, the Mindfulness in Schools lead, and delivers a ‘Life after Lockdown’ Programme to small groups of KS3 students, which equips them with tools and techniques to handle the effects of Lockdown. 

Miss Janganant has a keen interest in mindfulness and emotional wellbeing and has practised mindfulness and meditation for over 10 years, including teaching this at an adult college in her spare time.  She has trained with the Mindfulness in School Project (MiSP) and is qualified to deliver their signature Mindfulness Programmes to students aged 11-18. 

Her love of teaching and training combined with her passion for continued learning, and interests in meditation and mindfulness have enabled her to empower others and show how the benefits of having a mindful practice can really bring a sense of calm and peace to one’s life.

Mrs Howard, Pastoral Manager, Year 11

Howard rMrs Howard studied at The Ockendon Academy, Palmers College and is currently studying through the Open University towards a BA in English Language and Literature.

Her role within the academy is as a Pastoral Manager, currently supporting year 11 students, alongside their Achievement Leader Mr Cogger, and Vice Principal Mr Docherty.

As part of the Pastoral team she contributes to the development, planning and implementation of strategies such as attendance, safeguarding, and behaviour management, with a specific personal interest in supporting students' emotional wellbeing. She is committed to encouraging the physical, intellectual and emotional development of her students to encourage and aid them to achieve their full potential. 

Mrs Howard actively upholds the Academy’s values of ambition, discipline and honesty, promoting the mission of ‘Enjoying being the best you can be’ whilst encouraging a ‘can do attitude’ amongst the students. 

As a Pastoral manager she has expert knowledge and training in safeguarding and child protection guidance and policies, and ensures these are implemented and followed at all times.

She develops and maintains links within the community outside school, ensuring professional relationships are formed with other agencies where needed, whilst also promoting partnership with parents and carers in order to support the students in their school journey. 

Mrs Howard works hard to build positive trusting relationships with students in her year group, doing this with professionalism and plenty of humour!