We've been in touch with and can confirm this damage was not caused by students. We take vandalism & anti-social behaviour very seriously, and glad to hear that our students are meeting our standards. Do get in touch if you have any further concerns


Great turnout for the football tournament, completely organised by the year 9 Sports Leaders! Dodgeball is up next on the 8th May! 🎉


30 - 40 mins


And the mini bus is off!!


And they are off!


Tents and coming and the groups are getting ready to walk!


Good morning! Students are up (no alarm required with the sun) and getting ready to start day two.


Night night


This is what D of E is about. No technology, the great outdoors come rain or shine. Back to basics!

Harris Academies
All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

Central Office















Student Parliament

Our Student Parliament are members of our school community that embody our aim to ‘be the best we can be.’ 

Student Principals and Leaders were appointed following an interview process in which they had to detail their ambitions for the school and their peers. 

Student Heads and Assistant Heads of Year were elected by their peers.

Student Principals

Alex pasic

Alex Pasic

Alex joined the Academy in 2017 at the end of year 7, after arriving in the UK from Moldova.

She has a thirst for knowledge and discovering new things, and firmly believes that optimism and real passion will allow you to do anything you set your mind to, no matter what barriers or challenges life may bring.

Alex’s dedication, drive and hard work led to her achieving a fantastic set of GCSE results (all 7s, 8s & 9s) and she is now studying Maths, Economics and Psychology at HAOC Sixth Form, where she is also one of our Student Principals.

Part of her goal as Student Principal is to help the growth of the academy, working together with staff and fellow students she is eager to ensure students have the opportunity to achieve anything and everything!

Jenab ballo

Jenab Ballo

Jenab joined HAOC Sixth Form as an external student and is now studying Law, English and Psychology, as well as being successfully appointed as one of our Student Principals.

Her high dream is to become a Lawyer, the education, support, and guidance HAOC Sixth Form are able to provide her is helping Jenab understand the steps she needs to take to reach her ambitions.

As Student Principal she is eager to share her enthusiasm and drive to reach her goals with her fellow students and is keen to take a lead role in making HAOC the best school in Essex!

Student Leaders

Emily brika

Emily Brika

Emily was born in London to Albanian parents and received her education in Thurrock.  During her time at HAOC, she created the winning school logo design when we joined the Harris Federation in 2019, the little bird of joy, the Hummingbird.

Emily achieved a fantastic set of GCSE results, grades 7s, 8s and 9s, and then chose to continue her education at HAOC Sixth Form where she is now studying Biology, Chemistry and Psychology, as well as successfully being appointed as one of our Student Leaders with responsibility for Teaching and Learning.

She is naturally driven and ambitious, and as a previous Student Council member, is keen to help fellow students throughout the school, believing that students can “achieve anything if you put your mind to it!”

Francis kaldunski

Francis Kaldunski

Francis was born in Poland where he received his early years education, before moving to the UK and joining HAOC as a year 7 student.

His high dream is to work in the finance and technology sectors with his ultimate goal being to own his own business.

Francis was successfully appointed as one of our Student Leaders where he will take responsibility for promoting improved sustainability and looking at ways the academy can be more eco-friendly.

Francis is excited to join the School Parliament where he is keen to work with his peers and staff to help HAOC become the very best it can be!

Diana hadzhieva

Diana Hadzhieva

Diana was born in Sofia, Bulgaria and raised in East London. She joined HAOC in Year 7, where she has gone on to achieve amazing grades at GCSE (7s, 8s and 9s), and chose to stay on at HAOC Sixth Form where she is currently studying Biology, Chemistry and Religious Studies at A-Level, as well as successfully being appointed as one of our Student Leaders.

She exemplifies a great passion for learning and is enjoying her educational journey. She is eager to share her experiences of growing up and studying to support fellow students on their own academic journey and help them feel safe and welcome.

As Student Principal, Diana will be responsible for promoting learning and education around Cultural Capital and celebrating the vast diversity and individuality within our school.

School Council

Mollie quincey

Year 7 Head of Year - Mollie Quincey

Mollie is Student Head of Year for Year 7, and is very excited to be part of our School Parliament.  Using her experience as part of the Thurrock Youth Council, will support her in her role, being the voice of her peers.

Vinnie ponsonby

Year 7 Assistant Head of Year - Vinnie Ponsonby

Vinnie is Assistant Student Head of Year for Year 7 and is very exited to represent his peers and get involved in projects that will support his fellow HAOC students and have a positive impact on their learning.

Kiera feeney

Year 8 Head of Year Kiera Feeney

Kiera was successfully elected Student Head of Year for year 8 by her fellow classmates, a role she was incredibly proud to accept.  She is a very ambitious, kind, and friendly student, who has great determination to succeed.  As a dyslexic student she understands that everyone has their own individual needs, and believes that with hard work, everyone can be a success and reach their goals in life.

Gustavo rocha

Year 8 Assistant Head of Year - Gustavo Rocha

Gustavo is Assistant Student Head of Year for Year 8. He is dedicated to his studies and to making our school even better. He is keen to share his South American heritage with his peers and promote the diversity within HAOC.

Stanley fuller burgess

Year 9 Head of Year Stanley Fuller-Burgess

Stanley was thrilled to be elected Student Head of Year for Year 9, by his classmates and hopes to share his own ambition to succeed in all areas of life with his peers, helping to make HAOC an enjoyable and safe environment for everyone.

Jack smith

Year 9 Assistant Head of Year Jack Smith

Jack is a hard-working, ambitious student and exemplifies scholarship at Harris Academy Ockendon.  He sees his appointment to Assistant Head of Year for Year 9 as one of his biggest accomplishments and looks to use this platform to share his ideas for improvement and be a voice for his peers.

Tanzima ali

Year 10 Head of Year Tanzima Ali

Tanzima is excited to begin her journey as Head of Year for year 10, and has already actively led conversations and witnessed change first-hand, following the fantastic ideas the student parliament have brought to the table so far. She is looking forward to supporting the school even further.

Timi fawenhimi

Year 10 Assistant Head of Year Timi Fawenhimi

Timi is keen to support his peers and promote learning and student engagement as part of his role as Assistant Student Head of Year for year 10.  He is ambitious in his advocacy of sporting fixtures and educational visits to further support learning.