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Moving onto our afternoon events. Who will be this years overall sports day winners?🏆


Sports Day 2024 is underway 🏆


Year 8s having fun at Hever Castle 🏰


Visiting Hever Castle and having an amazing time making memories! 🏰✨


Students presenting their sustainable hot sauce Dip ‘n Season at Drapers’ hall Enterprise Challenge. Sharon, Jasmine, Anais, Divine, Capprice 💪🎤🎯


Students preparing for the Enterprise challenge! From 20 teams, down to the final 4. Wishing our Harris Ockendon team best of luck tonight 🍀


Year 12s had a great time making memories at Chessington World of Adventures today 🎢🎡😎


Students having fun in the Natural History Museum 😎


Feudal system? 🏰 Completed it already 👍


Having a blast at Colchester Castle! Students are embracing the Roman spirit, getting dressed in authentic Roman attire and immersing themselves in history. 🏰👗


🎢🎡 Students having a blast at Adventure Island! 😄🎉


🌿🌸 Giant lily pads at Kew Gardens are absolutely breathtaking! 🌺🌿


"🌟✨Students having a blast at the Royal Observatory!🔭🎉 "


Raft building fun!


Mr Sufi showing year 9 how to do the climbing wall!


Fun on the lake!


MMW Grange Waters Day 2


Grange Waters - what a great day!


Today, our Yr8 students are immersing themselves in the vibrant rhythms and moves of African dance! It's not just about having fun, but also developing their cultural intelligence and embracing diversity. 🌍


"Having a blast with our fantastic Year 8 students at the Harris Ockendon Escape! They're having a great time solving puzzles, working together, and making unforgettable memories. 🧩🔐 "

Harris Academies
All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

Central Office

















Student Parliament

Our Student Parliament are members of our school community that embody our aim to ‘be the best we can be.’ 

Student Principals and Leaders were appointed following an interview process in which they had to detail their ambitions for the school and their peers. 

Student Heads and Assistant Heads of Year were elected by their peers.

Student Principals

Noah Scorey - Student Principal

Noah scoreyI am incredibly proud to have been offered the role of Student Principal at Harris Academy Ockendon. This school has achieved so much and come so far since I joined in 2018 and I will try my very best to help HAOC grow and achieve bigger and better things in the future.

Outside of school I was part of the National Tutoring Programme where I was trained by Team Up and tutored numerous KS3 Students in Maths and helped them progress into KS4. 

I am currently studying Mathematics, Further Mathematics, Physics and Economics in Sixth Form as I wanted to continue with subjects I not only thrived in but enjoyed.

When I leave HAOC I intend to study Maths at University. Whilst I'm not certain on a career path just yet, being part of Harris Experience Advanced and going on numerous trips as well as advice from my Head of Sixth Form and Achievement Leader will aid me in this aspiration and the options I have in the years to come. 

I am looking forward to the role of Student Principal and engaging with students across the Academy to help continue leading the school in the right direction

Omotola Ogunbola - Student Principal

Omotola ogunbola

As a member of Harris Academy Ockendon Sixth Form I am currently studying A-level Psychology, BTech Sports and Health and Social Care. I chose these subjects because I am looking to pursue a career in either Sport or Child Psychology.  

I can honestly say whilst studying at HAOC I acquired knowledge and lifelong skills thanks to the great teachers I have been taught by. Their teaching methods have allowed me to deeply embrace my full potential and their passion for their subjects contributes to my enjoyment of my lessons.

In sixth form, there is a sense of independence alongside support that is always available, which has prepared all of us for the future which I am so grateful for. 

I am a highly creative person who believes that there is no limit to dreams and goals and when doing so be reflective of what it is to be kind and loving to others. This is reflected through my dance classes I participate in every Saturday and my Church Sunday school assistance for children. I am also a make-up artist which allows me to express my artistic talents.

I personally feel that I have not reached my limit of creativity and in helping people, that is why I always have in my mind that 'our work is never over.’ 

I am incredibly proud to be Student Principal so I can advocate for all the students at Harris Academy Ockendon, as well as work as part of the whole school leadership team. 

Francesca Beckley - Student Vice Principal

Francesca beckley

I am proud to be appointed as Student Vice Principal at HAOC sixth form where I am currently studying mathematics, business, and economics. I chose to continue studying maths at A level because it was one of my favourite subjects at GCSE. However, business and economics I have started for the first time and have thoroughly enjoyed, mainly due to my teachers and the content of these subjects which allows me to gain an insight into the world events happening around me.

Outside of school I teach at a local dance group called Tiptoe Stage School where students learn all genres from tap, modern, ballet and lyrical, to name a few. This has allowed me to gain transferable skills like leadership and communication with not only students my age but younger years too, and helped me gain a feeling of responsibility which I will be able to transfer to my role as Vice Principle and my future career path.

After my A levels I wish to pursue either a degree apprenticeship in accountancy or a subject that relates to business management, or attend a university and carry on studying my chosen subjects. I am still undecided on what career path I wish to pursue but HAOC has great support methods, for example I attended a program called ‘Make Happen’ which really opened my eyes to what type of university I would like to attend and what subjects I am interested in studying.

Tudor Bidileci - Student Vice Principal

Tudor bidileci

I have been a proud HAOC student since year 7, and am currently studying Maths, Further Maths, Economics and History in Sixth Form. I am planning to study Economics at University and pursue a Banking and Finance career afterwards.

I am part of many different groups and programmes including being the Medstem society president in our SixthForm, Road to Investment Banking through the Berenberg programme while also maintaining my hobby of Muay Thai and programming. 

As an internal HAOC student I have seen change and continuity throughout the school as I have been at HAOC longer than some of the teachers here. I wish to help make changes and integrate student opinions in the day to day running of the school.

I remained at this school throughout my academic career due to the sheer passion our teachers put into their subjects and teaching. I believe the school is aiming for its prime in the near future, I am optimistic and looking forward to it next year!

Student Leaders

Sally Winter - Leader for Charity and Events

Sally winter

As a member of Harris Academy Ockendon 6th form I am currently studying BTEC Sport level 3, Psychology and Business. I decided to study these subjects because I am hoping to pursue a career in teaching PE in a secondary school due to my passion for sports. Whilst at HAOC I have been able to understand the importance of taking every option available and use that to your advantage. This has enabled me to realise the importance of good teaching that is derived from the passion of the teachers themselves. I also love the fact that even though we have been given more independence to control our own learning journey, we still get the support and guidance to help us become the best version of ourselves.

Outside of school I'm involved in mentoring the younger years and buddy reading which helps younger students feel more comfortable with their reading. I am also part of a programme which helps young adults from Harris schools by providing support in preparing to go to the best universities. This is an important aspect of our school because it helps students get the best opportunities so they can reach their full potential.

I'm really looking forward to my role as part of the student leadership team so I can make HAOC a wonderful environment to be in and promote the ideas and beliefs of the school for all students at Harris Academy Ockendon. 

Elizabeth Ogunrinde - Leader for Learning and Teaching

Elizabeth ogunrinde

I am currently studying English Literature, History and Politics at A-Level in HAOC Sixth Form and am deeply excited and proud to be appointed as the student leader for Learning and Teaching.

Through my subjects, although difficult, I have seen the significance in academia for me and other students by the growth in knowledge and understanding that I acquire through learning in depth. I am planning on going to university to study English and want to help students fulfil their ambitions on this path as well.

Due to education being such an integral part of society, I am immensely passionate about finding ways to help and support fellow students. 

I am very eager and motivated to help and be a great asset to our school community as well as consistently find resourceful and newer ways to improve students’ experiences in school. 

Owen Brett - Leader for Student Wellbeing

Owen brett

I am currently studying A-Level Business, Design and Technology, and Economics at Harris Academy Ockendon. I chose these subjects as I am looking to encounter a career in the business and engineering world, and I believe these subjects will allow me to reach my destination. I really enjoy Design and Technology as I get to express my ideas and bring them to life which can hopefully benefit others in the future. Business and Economics were two completely new subjects for me, but I have grown to love these subjects and learn about the real world.

Whilst studying at Harris Academy Ockendon, I have overcome a fear of learning new things, and developed a passion for this instead. I truly believe this is down to the help and support gained from my teachers who have inspired me to achieve the best grades possible, to go on and achieve a pathway to success.

I have attended HAOC from Yr 7 and am truly proud to be a student here. Teachers are so thoughtful, kind, and caring, there is so much focus on our well-being. Students too are friendly and smiley, really looking out for one another.

The academy maintains a healthy environment as students mental health and worries can be shared which allows them to be more concentrated on their studies and strive to reach their goals.

I look forward to starting my position as Leader for Student Wellbeing.

Liya Patel - Leader for Curriculum

Liya patel

I enjoy being a student at HAOC where I study Biology, Chemistry, and Psychology at A level. 

Being the student leader of curriculum has stemmed from my belief that every individual deserves a good chance at education. Having a good structure when it comes to learning and studying is key for a successful future wherein said individuals can achieve their highest potential. 

I chose to study here at HAOC because of this strong structure and support each student gets whenever they need it, and the patient and kind teachers that are always willing to help their students. 

Bethany Rickwood - Leader for Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

Bethany rickwood

I enjoy being part of the Harris Academy Ockendon community, where it is key for everyone to have the freedom to learn together in an environment where they feel safe and appreciated. This is why I am proud to support the school in the unity of its students through my role in equity, diversity, and inclusion, in the hope that everyone can feel they are free to be themselves at no expense. I hope that I am able to accomplish this goal, and ensure that future students as well as present ones are appreciated as themselves and obtain their education in an environment they want to be a part of.

Within the Sixth form, I study Fine Art, Psychology and Media Studies, and whilst I would like to keep options open and be available to as many opportunities as possible, I intend to study Psychology in University, which I have determined through my intrigue of the subject through studying at Harris Academy Ockendon. In school, I have completed a number of differing roles, all in aiding to support younger year groups and target individuals that need the most support such as mentoring and buddy reading, both of which allow me to spend time with students to work on their strengths as a person and target weaknesses.

I firmly believe that we, as a community, should favour not only the environment we live in, but also the environment that we learn in, aiming to work in friendly, sustainable places, which is why I am proud to be a part of this school’s Student Leadership Team, hoping to improve the experience of school now, and for the future.

School Council

Fathiu ayobiojoFathiu Ayobiojo - Year 7 Student Head of Year

I was born in Brixton and joined Harris Academy Ockendon as a Year 7 Student, a year after moving to South Ockendon.

I hope that I can help the school continue to make improvements in all areas and I have a real passion for giving my peers more life experience chances through workshops, clubs and trips.


Adam mohamedAdam Mohamed - Year 8 Student Head of Year

I was born to Egyptian parents in Central London and moved to South Ockendon in 2016 and have schooled in the area since.

I enjoy my schooling and hope it will lead me to a career in Medicine or Engineering.

I relish the opportunity to work for my peers in school and hope that we can all be happy with our school environment.


Precious kenyanaPrecious Kenyana - Year 9 Student Head of Year

I have lived in South Ockendon since moving here 3 years ago from Uganda.

I am honoured to be a part of the Student Parliament and hope to use my platform to raise greater awareness of the environment and climate change.

I am looking forward to improving my own skill set in the role, especially around leadership which I will take on to the next stage of education and beyond.

I look forward to being a voice for my peers and fostering a sense of community and belonging for all.


Evie bootyEvie Booty - Year 10 Student Head of Year

I have lived in South Ockendon for most of my life but have recently moved to Leigh-on-Sea. This upheaval has taught me the importance of life experiences, and how to handle the stresses of everyday life, which is something I want to share with my peers, because even the smallest experiences can have a large impact on lives.