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Year 8 and 9 golf enrichment this afternoon ⛳️


Happy Vaisakhi to all celebrating. Vaisakhi not only symbolises the harvest festival but also the birth of the Khalsa Panth. It marks a pivotal moment in Sikh history when Guru Gobind Singh Ji founded the Khalsa, instilling principles of courage, equality, and selfless service.


Eid Mubarak to all of our community who are celebrating.


Year 7 girls football team played exceptionally well today winning 5-2 in the semi-final of the Harris Cup. We are off to the finals 🔥⚽️ Well done girls!


celebrations delivering workshops centered around Unshakeable Confidence and Diversity as a Superpower.


Excited to announce that Leah Chowdry will be speaking at our school on Monday. We can't wait to hear her incredible personal story, becoming the first British Asian woman to swim the English Channel & raising a quarter of a million pounds for her cause. Get ready to be inspired


📣 Exciting news! 🎉 Year 10 has kicked off the Scholars Program as part of their GCSE learning journey. 💪🎓 With a focus on working hard and taking responsibility, these scholars are on the path to success! Let's cheer them on! 👏🏽👏🏿👏🏻


Ramadan Kareem, strength, connection and love for the month ahead.


Some photos from our football tournament yesterday 🏆🥳⚽️


Spot the ballers 👀(Yes that includes you 😉)Well done on the tournament…keep pushing the game and we’ll see you at one of ours soon!


Spot the ballers 👀(Yes that includes you 😉)Well done on the tournament…keep pushing the game and we’ll see you at one of ours soon!


Amazing day today for our tournament! Thank you to all schools who attended. Also a massive thank you to Emma & Hayley from women’s team for coming down. ⚽️🏆


Harris Football tournament.


A productive day at Harris Academy Ockendon for sixth form health, care and medicine talk for


Happy Everyone


'A night of drama' was held for year 11 drama students and their adults. We all enjoyed wonderful performances in preparation for their GCSE component 2 exams on Friday.


Great to see Y10 GCSE Drama students loving the fantastic workshop being delivered this morning by 🤩 🎭 🎥!


Great to see Y10 GCSE Drama students loving the fantastic workshop being delivered this morning by 🤩 🎭 🎥!


Well done to our year 10 girls for winning their first game of the Harris cup 25-8 🥳🏆 into the next round!


We step into a realm of pride and celebration as we gathered to honour the remarkable achievements of our students at our first special event of 'Celebration Evening'. From academic excellence to outstanding contributions in sports, arts, and the community.

Harris Academies
All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

Central Office

















Student Parliament

Our Student Parliament are members of our school community that embody our aim to ‘be the best we can be.’ 

Student Principals and Leaders were appointed following an interview process in which they had to detail their ambitions for the school and their peers. 

Student Heads and Assistant Heads of Year were elected by their peers.

Student Principals

Paige carleton

Paige Carleton - Student Principal.

As a member of HAOC Sixth form I am currently studying A-Levels in English literature, Government and Politics and Geography. I chose these subjects because I am looking to pursue a career in either law or government, particularly in terms of helping to push environment sustainability which is a passion of mine.

Whilst studying at HAOC I’ve learned to really enjoy every one of my subjects.  I believe this is because of my teachers, not just for their quality of teaching but the way they are all always passionate about what they do which is really where my enjoyment comes from. Alongside this, I love the sense of maturity and independence that you get at our Sixth Form, we are all treated like adults, and it really makes a difference when you feel like you matter and have importance.

Outside of school, I’m involved in tutoring younger years in English, and I am part of the Harris Experience Advanced, which provides lots of opportunities in developing me in preparation for my university applications.  I love helping the environment by collecting litter in my local area, as I think it’s important that we all give back to our community one way or another. I also enjoy reading and listening to podcasts about current politics in the UK and the US, which is both fun for me and helpful for my studies.

I am looking forward to my role as student Principal, so I can advocate for all the students in the 6th form as well as work as part of the whole school leadership team.

Abigail downesAbigail Downes - Vice Principal

I enjoy being part of HAOC Sixth Form where I am currently studying A-level English Literature, History and RS, all of which I love. I chose to continue to pursue English and History post-GCSE as they were my two favourite subjects, but RS I have started for the first time and have thoroughly enjoyed it, particularly the philosophy component.

Outside of school, I volunteer at a local scout group to help young people in the local community. It is also enabling me to develop transferable skills such as effective communication with children and a sense of responsibility which will aid me in my future career path.

After leaving HAOC, I intend to pursue my love of English literature at University and I hope, in a few years’ time, to become an English teacher in a secondary school like this one. This will allow me to share my knowledge and passion for the subject with the next generation, following in the footsteps of the many strong role models I have had within the English department at this school.

This strong network of teachers is what I love most about being a student at HAOC.  They show genuine interest in both my education and my wellbeing and support me to ensure I can attain the highest goals whilst remaining happy and fulfilled.

Student Leaders

Elissa kanaiElissa Kanai - Leader for Eco and Sustainability

I am proud to be appointed student leader for Eco and Sustainability at HAOC Sixth Form, where I am currently studying computer science, mathematics, and psychology. This is supporting me towards my ultimate ambition of securing a degree apprenticeship in the technology sector with a reputable, established company. 

Being part of Eco & Sustainability is a venture I am looking forward to, as a keen interest in technology I look forward to being an innovator of change in the academy, to make sure we are creating an environment that is long lasting for everyone.

As an internal student I continued my studies into HAOC Sixth Form which provides an inclusive community, where students from diverse backgrounds come together, fostering an enriching environment that encourages collaboration, promotes open-mindedness, and nurtures lifelong friendships. These aspects contributed to my desire to be part of the student leadership team. 

Saira reklaityteSaira Raklaityte - Leader for Community and Sense of Belonging

I am the leader in charge of Community and Sense of Belonging for Harris Academy Ockendon and I am currently studying Business Studies, Financial Studies and Government and Politics at A Level.

I am fuelled by my passion to be in the business of change, which is why I am a proud member of the Youth Cabinet for Thurrock. Here, I am a representative for young members, and I take part in many communal works. So, I strive to bring this area of my expertise to our school.

I am ambitious about bringing our community to act together to achieve growth and progression and to strengthen the feeling of security and support, promoting a sense of acceptance, inclusion, and equity.

What I mostly enjoy about being part of the Harris Ockendon Sixth Form is the excitement in learning I gain. Thus, I am optimistic about the future for our school community. 

Paul barticelPaul Barticel - Leader for Learning and Teaching

I am currently studying Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics and Further Mathematics at A-Level. Although I am yet to decide on a career path, I am planning to study Mathematics at university. 

I was inspired to continue my studies at Harris Academy Ockendon after having been a student throughout the secondary school, where I was helped tremendously by the innovative and resourceful style of teaching which aided in paving my path to success. This has also inspired me to take this leadership role in charge of Learning and Teaching.

The teachers are modest, and patient, always happy to take time in and outside lessons to ensure no student is left behind. They are committed to ensuring that we all become the best we can be, which makes me proud to call myself a student at Harris Academy Ockendon.

School Council

Fathiu ayobiojoFathiu Ayobiojo - Year 7 Student Head of Year

I was born in Brixton and joined Harris Academy Ockendon as a Year 7 Student, a year after moving to South Ockendon.

I hope that I can help the school continue to make improvements in all areas and I have a real passion for giving my peers more life experience chances through workshops, clubs and trips.


Adam mohamedAdam Mohamed - Year 8 Student Head of Year

I was born to Egyptian parents in Central London and moved to South Ockendon in 2016 and have schooled in the area since.

I enjoy my schooling and hope it will lead me to a career in Medicine or Engineering.

I relish the opportunity to work for my peers in school and hope that we can all be happy with our school environment.


Precious kenyanaPrecious Kenyana - Year 9 Student Head of Year

I have lived in South Ockendon since moving here 3 years ago from Uganda.

I am honoured to be a part of the Student Parliament and hope to use my platform to raise greater awareness of the environment and climate change.

I am looking forward to improving my own skill set in the role, especially around leadership which I will take on to the next stage of education and beyond.

I look forward to being a voice for my peers and fostering a sense of community and belonging for all.


Evie bootyEvie Booty - Year 10 Student Head of Year

I have lived in South Ockendon for most of my life but have recently moved to Leigh-on-Sea. This upheaval has taught me the importance of life experiences, and how to handle the stresses of everyday life, which is something I want to share with my peers, because even the smallest experiences can have a large impact on lives.