Happy Hannukah to the Jewish community. May this festival bring you blessings, peace, and light.


Today marked the end of our interhouse PE competitions the winners for each year groups are as follows:Year 7 - Newton Year 8 - Wallace Year 9 - Whitlock Year 10 - Tovey Overall winners - Wallace & Strike 🏆 Excellent effort from all house groups 🥳


Year 10 and 11 showcased their musical talent during the Harris Academy Ockendon Live Lounge event. Well done to all involved.


English Literature Oxford university taster day, hosted at Harris Chobham, with 8 of our year 10/11 students! Students came away with even higher aspirations than before, after enjoying various lectures & seminars on different genres of literature. A thoroughly enjoyable day!


Interhouse competitions have started this week in PE with year 8 starting the week off competing in dodgeball and benchball. Excellent start to the competition. Which house will take the win on Friday? 🥇🥈🥉


Y11 walking talking their way through English Language Paper 2 with Impress the examiner. Students working hard on a Saturday, with English teachers to support.


As part of raising awareness around men's mental health, here are some conversation starters to support people to start conversations about their mental health.


This week students had an assembly based around men's mental health. It was great to hear stories from staff from describing their challenges & how they approach self care with mental health. Giving advice to our students & exploring the stigmas around asking for help


As celebrate birth of Guru Nanak Dev ji, founder of the faith, we can all identify with his core teachings of truth, love, gender equality, working hard for an honest living, meditating upon the One and sharing with others.Best wishes all for a blissful .


We are delighted to offer 5 fully-funded places on the January cohort of our Sustain and Grow group coaching programme to parent-teachers from ethnic minority backgrounds. your place soon as these tickets will go fast!Thanks to !


Year 7 football girls in their new kit tonight. Winning both their Borough games. Excellent start to the season ⚽️ 🔥


Year 11 students engaging in the Harris experience independent learning day.


Our year 7 boys football team in their new kit last night ⚽️🔥


Happy Diwali & Bandi Chhor Diwas to all celebrating. An important time to reflect on our internal light and darkness, as well as the events taking place in our world today 🪔🪔🪔


colleagues can enjoy fully-funded 1:1 coaching with the . Choose from our Accreditation, Parental Leave, Return to Work or Transition coaching to support you as you start and grow your family. Find out more and sign up at


This morning our year 10 sports leaders had hot chocolate Friday with Ms Rainey to receive their certificates and celebrate their success over the last year on the course. Well done to all those who qualified 🎉.


U13 girls have arrived for their Essex cup match at The Billericay School ⚽️


🚨PE CLUBS / FIXTURE ANNOUNCEMENT 🚨 - Wednesday - U13 Essex Cup girls football v Billericay (Away) Thursday - Girls Football club (moved from Wednesday due to the above fixture) Friday - Rugby - all years (moved from Wednesday)


Excellent turn out for all years netball tonight! Over 50 students at the club. Amazing start to our netball season 🔥


🚨 P.E CLUB ANNOUNCEMENT this week 🚨 - Monday - All years girls netballWednesday - All years boys rugby 🏉 All years girls football ⚽️ Thursday - Years 7 boys football ⚽️ If you have any questions please see a member of the P.E department.

Harris Academies
All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

Central Office

















Dress Code

Our Sixth form students are role models for the Harris Federation and as such should be smartly presented at all times.  Standards in our dress code reflect our high expectations in all aspects of student life.

The HAOC dress code is designed to be smart, affordable, and inclusive.  Students are encouraged to contact Miss Dean, Head of Sixth form for advice and/or financial assistance if required.

Dress Code

Identity cards with academy lanyards must be worn and visible at all times.

Students and staff should wear clothes which project professionalism.  Students should wear a combination of the following formal dress items:

  • Business suit
  • Business blazer
  • Blouse or shirt and tie
  • Dress/skirt/trousers
  • Formal shoes (you must be able to polish them)

All students are expected to wear a blazer either as part of a business suit or with formal dress/skirt/trousers.

Transgender students may dress consistently with their gender presentation.

At Harris Academy Ockendon we recognise and celebrate our staff and students' identities.  We are a community built on an ethos of equality and respect where hair texture and style have no bearing on anyone's ability to succeed.  Harris Academy Ockendon adopts the Halo Code in regard to all Afro hairstyles.  We welcome Afro-textured hair worn in all styles.

Reasonable adjustments to the dress code will be made, in discussion with (and prior agreement of) base site Head of Sixth Form on an individual basis (e.g. for medical reasons / disability).

Jackets may be removed in warm conditions. Scarves and coats may be worn outside the buildings but must be removed once inside.

Physical Education, Performing Arts and students of other specialist qualifications are expected to conform to the individual expectations of that subject.

The following are not permitted:

  • Visible body piercing is restricted to the ears and/or one small nose stud only. Bars, scaffolds and stretchers are not permitted.
  • Tattoos should not be visible
  • Casual style dresses such as those with a vest style top, very thin straps and strapless style top
  • Jumpers- apart from plain jumpers under the blazer
  • Denim jeans/trousers, jackets, shirts, blouses or skirts
  • Studs on trousers, skirts or shirts/blouses
  • Casual trousers – combats, track suits, leggings
  • Casual tops – track suit, fleeces, T-shirts, hooded tops, vest tops
  • Shorts, trousers made of stretchy legging-type material
  • Sportswear
  • Trainers, pumps, canvas shoes
  • Gloves, scarves, hats, caps, bandanas or durags
  • Clothing made of sheer/transparent materials or any other extreme or inappropriate clothing or make up
  • Hair dyed in an unnatural colour

HAOC Sixth Form is sensitive to the needs of different cultures, races and religions and will act reasonably in accommodating these needs.  We reserve the right to make reasonable adjustments to the uniform policy to allow for students protected characteristics.

In the event of any transgression, students will be reminded of the dress code expectations.  If a student is unwilling to address any dress code issues, they will be sent home, parents/carers will be contacted on the first occasion, and students will receive a sanction after school. 

It is beyond the scope of the dress code to provide guidance on every eventuality. In the event of any queries the Head of Sixth Form will act as arbiter.