Happy Hannukah to the Jewish community. May this festival bring you blessings, peace, and light.


Today marked the end of our interhouse PE competitions the winners for each year groups are as follows:Year 7 - Newton Year 8 - Wallace Year 9 - Whitlock Year 10 - Tovey Overall winners - Wallace & Strike 🏆 Excellent effort from all house groups 🥳


Year 10 and 11 showcased their musical talent during the Harris Academy Ockendon Live Lounge event. Well done to all involved.


English Literature Oxford university taster day, hosted at Harris Chobham, with 8 of our year 10/11 students! Students came away with even higher aspirations than before, after enjoying various lectures & seminars on different genres of literature. A thoroughly enjoyable day!


Interhouse competitions have started this week in PE with year 8 starting the week off competing in dodgeball and benchball. Excellent start to the competition. Which house will take the win on Friday? 🥇🥈🥉


Y11 walking talking their way through English Language Paper 2 with Impress the examiner. Students working hard on a Saturday, with English teachers to support.


As part of raising awareness around men's mental health, here are some conversation starters to support people to start conversations about their mental health.


This week students had an assembly based around men's mental health. It was great to hear stories from staff from describing their challenges & how they approach self care with mental health. Giving advice to our students & exploring the stigmas around asking for help


As celebrate birth of Guru Nanak Dev ji, founder of the faith, we can all identify with his core teachings of truth, love, gender equality, working hard for an honest living, meditating upon the One and sharing with others.Best wishes all for a blissful .


We are delighted to offer 5 fully-funded places on the January cohort of our Sustain and Grow group coaching programme to parent-teachers from ethnic minority backgrounds. your place soon as these tickets will go fast!Thanks to !


Year 7 football girls in their new kit tonight. Winning both their Borough games. Excellent start to the season ⚽️ 🔥


Year 11 students engaging in the Harris experience independent learning day.


Our year 7 boys football team in their new kit last night ⚽️🔥


Happy Diwali & Bandi Chhor Diwas to all celebrating. An important time to reflect on our internal light and darkness, as well as the events taking place in our world today 🪔🪔🪔


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This morning our year 10 sports leaders had hot chocolate Friday with Ms Rainey to receive their certificates and celebrate their success over the last year on the course. Well done to all those who qualified 🎉.


U13 girls have arrived for their Essex cup match at The Billericay School ⚽️


🚨PE CLUBS / FIXTURE ANNOUNCEMENT 🚨 - Wednesday - U13 Essex Cup girls football v Billericay (Away) Thursday - Girls Football club (moved from Wednesday due to the above fixture) Friday - Rugby - all years (moved from Wednesday)


Excellent turn out for all years netball tonight! Over 50 students at the club. Amazing start to our netball season 🔥


🚨 P.E CLUB ANNOUNCEMENT this week 🚨 - Monday - All years girls netballWednesday - All years boys rugby 🏉 All years girls football ⚽️ Thursday - Years 7 boys football ⚽️ If you have any questions please see a member of the P.E department.

Harris Academies
All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

Central Office

















Parent Survey

At Harris Academy Ockendon we are immensely proud of the relationship we’ve built with our local community, and most importantly the relationship we have with our students and their families.

Reviewing stakeholder feedback is vitally important in maintaining these relationships and to improving our school further, which is why we invite students and families to complete short questionnaires each academic year.

The outcomes are outlined below:




National Average %

Overall Response Rate





Strongly Agree/Agree %

National Average %

My child is happy at this school




My child feels safe at this school




The school makes sure its students are well behaved




Where bullying occurred, the school dealt with it quickly and effectively



71% bullying not occurred

67% bullying not occurred

The school makes me aware of what my child will learn during the year



Where a concern was raised the school dealt with it properly



35% raised no concerns

27% raised no concerns

The school has high expectations for my child




The school lets me know how my child is doing




There is a good range of subjects available to my child at this school



The school supports my child’s wider personal development



I would recommend this school to another parent




From looking at the responses, you have asked us to work on a few things:

You said…

We did…

Some parents would like to know more about what their child is learning throughout the year

  • The academy website has a dedicated Curriculum section which explains each subject in detail, and how it is taught to each year group including any specific topics or focus, and details of exams and assessments
  • Students in Yrs 7-10 are issued with a knowledge organiser which is linked directly to the topics students are studying each half term.  They contain the most vital knowledge that they need to learn
  • The “My Child At School” (MCAS) App is available to all parents/carers and, among other things, provides information about their child’s achievements
  • Staff are available via email for any parent who may wish to contact them and find out more about what their child is learning

Some parents asked for more information about their child’s progress at school

  • Parents are issued with Progress Reports at least 3 times per year, more frequently for Yrs 11 and 12, which outlines each subject their child is studying and how they are progressing.  Every student is issued with an ‘Attitude to learning’ (ATL) score.  This score is between 1-4 stars, 1 being “…very little effort…”, and 4 being “…always works hard…”, and is calculated based on each child’s attitude to learning in the classroom and with homework. At the end of each Key Stage, this report also shows their child’s assessment scores and ‘Most Likely Grade’ (MLG) for each subject.  The MLG is a prediction by the school on what grade is most likely to be achieved at GCSE, A-Level or BTECs
  • Parents’ evenings are held annually for each year group which provide parents/carers with an opportunity to meet their child’s teachers and discuss their progress

A greater range of subjects could be offered to students











  • At Key stage 3, the modern foreign languages offer has increased to include Spanish
  • The curriculum offer for Sixth Form has been extended to include French, Spanish, further mathematics, DT product design, physics and computer science
  • HAOC’s Personal Development curriculum includes a wide range of enrichment opportunities built into students’ weekly timetable. Subjects include debating, code-breaking, cooking for university, jewellery making, personal survival and lifesaving, performance skills, script writing and STEM
  • Students undertake community projects which include celebrating events from different cultures, caring for the local environment, baking, writing, first aid, peer support for younger students and helping at local primary schools
A focus was requested on supporting your child’s wider personal development
  • Personal Development Days are held 4 times per year, whereby students follow a different timetable and explore topics such as cyber-bullying, relationships and families, drugs and alcohol, body image and equality
  • House Competitions run throughout each year. This allows students to showcase their skills in topics such as art and design, computer programming, spelling, maths challenges and literacy quizzes, promoting healthy competition between peers
  • Our Citizenship and Religious Education (CRE) curriculum aims to equip students with the knowledge, wisdom and passion needed to educate the mind and heart as well as an understanding of responsible citizenship according to British values.  Students study a range of topics from exploring the western world in which we live, to historical, religious challenges that people faced. They explore the main religions including Christianity, Buddhism, Islam, and Sikhism
  • Making Memories week has been introduced which will take place during the final week of the academic year. The aim is to allow students to be taken out of their ‘everyday experiences’ and discover something new.  Activities include trips to historical buildings and places, outdoor pursuits days, visits to museums, exploring the sites and culture of London, Sports Day, and a range of in-house competitions

Teachers could be resourced more consistently throughout the school

  • To better manage staff absence, some students are grouped together and supervised by senior members of staff while they undertake supervised study. They follow their intended curriculum, and complete work set by their normal teacher which follows the same content as if they were in normal lessons, so no learning is missed.  Staff are present to support students throughout the lesson, and resources are provided inline with the needs of the topics being taught
  • The academy uses regular cover teachers who are available to cover classes. They teach work set by the normal class teacher, in their usual classroom, following the curriculum as intended. On rare occasions when regular cover teachers are not available, experienced subject specialists are sourced from educational agencies to support lessons

Some parents asked for easier methods of communicating with staff about their child

  • The ‘contact us’ page of the website has been modified to give parents/carers the option to direct emails to a specific staff member depending on the nature of their query, as well as continuing to maintain a general enquiry platform

Some parents requested clearer explanations of behavioural expectations, including the range of sanctions and/or support available to students, including SEND support

  • The HAOC charter reflects the academy’s culture of ‘work hard, be kind, take responsibility’ and all students are encouraged to enjoy being the best they can be. Students have received tuition on what the charter means and how they should follow it.  The Charter is displayed in all classrooms throughout the school
  • A system of rewards and sanctions are in place at the academy to recognise and celebrate achievement as well as address any poor choices or unsatisfactory behaviour.  Staff follow this system consistently with all students, reminding them of the expectations required and supporting them in making good choices
  • The ‘Home-Academy Agreement’ outlines the expectations required from the school, from students and from their families during their educational journey at HAOC.  Students and their families meet with senior members of staff as part of new-student induction to discuss and sign the agreement, so all parties are aware of what is expected of them from the outset
  • Each year group has an Achievement Leader and Pastoral Manager designated to support them.  In addition, the academy has an in-house Counsellor, a Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) team, and access to a range of external agencies for more in-depth or specific support
  • Our SEND team has expanded to include more Teaching Assistants and a deputy SENCO, as well as the team undertaking a range of extensive training to support them in their roles