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Going back to school can be difficult for some children. It can help to get into a good routine before term starts. We've got tips on getting into a back-to-school routine and more advice on supporting children with school:


What time would it be now?


Can you solve our today?


It is time for Monday afternoon's maths teaser !


An interesting Monday morning !


Another day means another fun . What position are you in?


Time to end the week with another maths teaser!


Another interesting for you to solve this afternoon!


Lets start your Thursday morning off with another maths teaser!


Can you solve our this afternoon?


How many 9s are there between 1 and 100?


We have a little riddle for todays - can you work it out?


An interesting maths teaser this morning! What is the number?


Its time for Monday morning maths teaser! Can you work out the answer?


Lets end the week with another . What am I?


Another Maths Teaser for you all! Let us know what you think the answer is!


Can you solve our this morning? What direction was Jason pointing?


An interesting Maths Teaser this afternoon. Can you solve it?


Here is Wednesday's morning ! How many?



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Name Date Category  
An Inspector Calls Live Reading Event 11th Mar 2021Year 11 Download
Behaviour and Pastoral: Academy Improvement 13th Sep 2019Whole Academy Download
Challenging inequalities and injustice 11th Jun 2020Whole Academy Download
Change of School Uniform Provider 17th May 2021Whole Academy Download
Changes to School Catering 09th Nov 2020Whole Academy Download
Changes to the start of term January 2021 18th Dec 2020Whole Academy Download
Coronavirus Letter and Guidance 06th Feb 2020Whole Academy Download
Covid-19 Easing Update May 2021 13th May 2021Whole Academy Download
Covid-19 Home Testing (Yr 11 and Sixth Form) 12th Mar 2021Yr 11 & Sixth Form Download
Covid-19 Home Testing (Yrs 7-10) 15th Mar 2021Years 7, 8, 9 and 10 Download
Data Breach Update 07th Sep 2020Whole Academy Download
End of Term Letter 10th Dec 2020Whole Academy Download
Festive Lunch Information and Opt Out 06th Dec 2019Whole Academy Download
HAOC Covid 19 05th Nov 2020Whole Academy Download
HAOC Covid 19 Update 16/11/2020 16th Nov 2020Whole Academy Download
HAOC Covid-19 Update 13/11/2020 13th Nov 2020Whole Academy Download
HAOC Reopening Sixth Form 02nd Mar 2021Sixth Form Download
HAOC Reopening Year 10 02nd Mar 2021Year 10 Download
HAOC Reopening Year 11 02nd Mar 2021Year 11 Download
HAOC Reopening Year 7 02nd Mar 2021Year 7 Download
HAOC Reopening Year 8 02nd Mar 2021Year 8 Download
HAOC Reopening Year 9 02nd Mar 2021Year 9 Download
Homework Policy Letter 14th Jan 2020Whole Academy Download
Incident 24th Sept 2020 Letter to Families 24th Sep 2020Whole Academy Download
Introduction of Hegarty Maths 05th Nov 2019Whole Academy Download
KS3 Assessment Spring 2021 15th Jan 2021Key Stage 3 (Years 7,8 & 9) Download
KS3 Spelling Tests 09th Oct 2020Key Stage 3 (Years 7,8 & 9) Download
Letter to parents following Government announcement May 2020 13th May 2020Whole Academy Download
March Reopening Letter 23rd Feb 2021Whole Academy Download
Maths Revision Resources Yr 11 22nd Mar 2021Year 11 Download
Misuse of Microsoft Teams 28th Jan 2021Whole Academy Download
Mobile Data Allowance Increase 29th Jan 2021Whole Academy Download
Most Able Student Information Event 8th October 2019 04th Oct 2019Most Able Students Download
National lockdown letter 05th Jan 2021Whole Academy Download
National Lockdown Update Letter to Families Nov 2020 02nd Nov 2020Whole Academy Download
National Testing Programme Letter Sixth Form 26th Feb 2021Sixth Form Download
National Testing Programme Letter Year 11 26th Feb 2021Year 11 Download
National Testing Programme Letter Years 7-10 26th Feb 2021Years 7, 8, 9 and 10 Download
Progress Report Information Letter - Summer 2020 02nd Jul 2020Whole Academy Download
Punctuality Letter 30th Apr 2021Whole Academy Download
School Dog 04th Sep 2020Whole Academy Download
Sixth Form Mock Exams 12th Feb 2021Sixth Form Download
Ski Trip Update March 2020 13th Mar 2020Events Download
Spring Term update 31/12/2020 31st Dec 2020Whole Academy Download
Student Testing Information Leaflet (to accompany the National Testing Programme Letters) 26th Feb 2021Whole Academy Download
Traffic Concerns and Guidance 05th Feb 2020Whole Academy Download
Virtual School Letter to Families Jan 2021 19th Jan 2021Whole Academy Download
Year 10 Careers Information and Guidance Letter 27th Feb 2020Year 10 Download
Year 10 Exam access arrangement testing 08th Oct 2020Year 10 Download
Year 10 Live Lessons 28th Jan 2021Year 10 Download
Year 11 English Mock Exams 01st Oct 2020Year 11 Download
Year 11 Exam Access Arrangement Testing Letter for Parents 25th Sep 2020Year 11 Download
Year 11 Exam changes 05th Jan 2021Year 11 Download
Year 11 Information Event 24th September 2019 19th Sep 2019Year 11 Download
Year 11 Information Letter, including GCSE Results Day 06th Jul 2020Year 11 Download
Year 11 Letter to Families 20th March 2020 20th Mar 2020Year 11 Download
Year 11 Virtual Parent's Evening 02nd Dec 2020Year 11 Download
Year 12 Virtual Work Experience 05th Mar 2021Sixth Form Download
Year 13 Exam changes 05th Jan 2021Sixth Form Download
Year 13 Letter Regarding A Level Results Day 06th Jul 2020Sixth Form Download
Year 7 Homework and Sanctions 03rd Mar 2020Year 7 Download
Year 9 Options 05th Mar 2021Year 9 Download
Yr 11 and Yr 13 Information Event 07th May 2021Yr 11 & Yr 13 Download
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Yr 11 PPEs, revision and catch-up sessions 15th Oct 2020Year 11 Download
Yr 7 English (Lion, Witch, Wardrobe) 13th May 2021Year 7 Download