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Chilling out at the finish line!



Day 2 and all groups are on their way


All back at camp, tents set and up cooking dinner.


Groups are walking well! The weather is great 😊


D of E Bronze are well underway!


Silver D of E 2024 are ready to go! The sun is shining ☀️


Success for our sports leaders running their first whole school event ⚽️ 🏆


Our year 9 sports leaders running the first of three whole school events with a year 7 and 8 football tournament ⚽️


Our year 9 sports leaders running the first of our three whole school events with a football tournament tournament for year 7 and 8 ⚽️


"📢 Exciting news! Joe from Visionpath just delivered an amazing assembly to our year 12 students, promoting The Futures Academy. This program provides invaluable support for students with work experience & also sheds light on the numerous apprenticeship opportunities available


📣 Students having an epic time in year 11 French intervention this morning! We played 'One Pen, One Die' and the competition was fierce! Translation has never been so much fun! 🇫🇷💪


D of E: students are one hour out of the finishing point. Please leave now if you are collecting.


When the sun was shining


D of E Day 2 has started!


Good morning from a very wet Skreens Park!


S’mores before bed!




Harris Academies
All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

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Transforming Lives Award 2023

Each year in October, the Harris Federation hold their annual Autumn conference in London, for all schools in the federation to attend, which allows the spotlight to shine on any outstanding achievements or progress made by individual staff members and schools, and to celebrate this with colleagues.

We were delighted in 2023 that one of our own colleagues, Alicia Thompson, Assistant Principal and Personal Development Lead, achieved the award for outstanding Quality of Care and Wellbeing.

This award commends those with a particularly proactive, supportive, and caring approach that has increased the quality of care and wellbeing for students, and recognising those that make a real difference.

Ath qcw award with sir dan

Sir Dan Moynihan (CEO of Harris Federation), and Miss Alicia Thompson.




This is what Alicia's colleagues had to say about her...

“Alicia is an exceptional educator who consistently goes above and beyond to create a nurturing environment for her students. Her dedication to their well-being is truly remarkable.
Her commitment to her students is evident in the way she is always available for them. She has become a trusted figure at HAOC, with students frequently seeking her out to share their concerns and seek comfort. Alicia's ability to make them feel safe and comforted is truly commendable. Her door is always open for students who know they can rely on her unwavering support.
In addition to her compassionate nature, Alicia also handles very difficult safeguarding cases with utmost care and professionalism. She understands the gravity of these situations and is willing to go to great lengths to ensure the safety of her students. There have been instances when Alicia, despite being a dedicated parent herself, has sacrificed her personal time in the support of students. Her selflessness and unwavering dedication are truly inspiring.
Despite the immense challenges she faces, Alicia still manages to excel in her role as a teacher. Her lessons are consistently praised by her students, who often comment on how engaging and impactful they are. Alicia's ability to balance her responsibilities while delivering excellent education speaks volumes about her exceptional skills as an educator.
Alicia demonstrates unwavering commitment to her students' well-being and provides exceptional care in even the most challenging circumstances. She is a true role model and a beacon of hope for both her students and her colleagues.  She represents the epitome of excellence in student care, and her tireless efforts deserve to be recognised and celebrated.”

MacMillan Coffee Morning 2023

Macmillan cm 2023

Following the great success of previous years' events, we were delighted to once again host a Macmillan Coffee Morning to raise funds to support those diagnosed with cancer and those who care for them.

Macmillan Cancer Support raise money to provide vital cancer services for people living with the disease at every stage of their experience, runs public campaigns to influence UK-wide policies and supports healthcare professionals with resources, tools and training to better help people living with cancer.

This year, our coffee morning included a range of competitions and activities to help raise valuable funds, the winners were:

· Mrs Howard for winning the raffle, her prize was a giant Millie's cookie

· Tyler Biggs (8 Newton) for correctly guessing how many Colin the caterpillars there were and winning mini-morris cupcakes

· Carter Johnson (11 Cook) who correctly guessed how many Oreo biscuits were in the jar and won all the Oreos!

Thank you also to staff for joining in with our staff Bake-off, congratulations to:

· Mrs Holder, for winning the staff bake-off with her phenomenal lemon drizzle cupcakes, her prize was a HAOC Bake-off apron

· Mrs Tucker for winning the ‘wooden spoon’ for the best staff bake-off ‘fake’!

Last year we raised an unbelievable amount, in excess of £400.  This year we did bigger and better, raising a fantastic £973.24!

Macmillan cm cakes