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Chilling out at the finish line!



Day 2 and all groups are on their way


All back at camp, tents set and up cooking dinner.


Groups are walking well! The weather is great 😊


D of E Bronze are well underway!


Silver D of E 2024 are ready to go! The sun is shining ☀️


Success for our sports leaders running their first whole school event ⚽️ 🏆


Our year 9 sports leaders running the first of three whole school events with a year 7 and 8 football tournament ⚽️


Our year 9 sports leaders running the first of our three whole school events with a football tournament tournament for year 7 and 8 ⚽️


"📢 Exciting news! Joe from Visionpath just delivered an amazing assembly to our year 12 students, promoting The Futures Academy. This program provides invaluable support for students with work experience & also sheds light on the numerous apprenticeship opportunities available


📣 Students having an epic time in year 11 French intervention this morning! We played 'One Pen, One Die' and the competition was fierce! Translation has never been so much fun! 🇫🇷💪


D of E: students are one hour out of the finishing point. Please leave now if you are collecting.


When the sun was shining


D of E Day 2 has started!


Good morning from a very wet Skreens Park!


S’mores before bed!




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Student Testimonials.


In May we had another opportunity to take our Year 12 Spanish enrichment class to complete two weeks of work experience in Alicante.  The majority of the students had only started studying Spanish in September 2022 and have made excellent progress.  By the time they reached Alicante, they were able to have conversations with their employees and deal with customers.  Students had some intensive Spanish lessons in our link school, Zador, supervised by our wonderful Spanish host, Amelia.  Work placements were completed in a variety of places, a ceramics workshop, a tourist souvenir shop, a press office, a food training department of the local government, a photography shop and a local turrón café.  Afternoons and weekends were spent with an amazing array of activities and cultural visits to places such as the Valor chocolate factory, the Turrón factory, the local Candelobre caves, the Ocean Boat race museum, salsa lessons, the Hogueras museum and of course a visit or two to the beach. 

Rhianna Holgate Year 12 student 

“My two weeks of work experience was incredibly influential. I was partnered with Yoli and Cristina at the Union general de trabajadores greeting people at the reception. My daily tasks were to greet employees in Spanish and navigate them to their designated floors or to where the bathrooms were. It was brilliant to be able to practice my Spanish and learn about both Yoli and Cristina’s family and future plans.  

Throughout our visit, we also had Spanish lessons with Naomi at Amelia’s school. Although we had been practicing Spanish for enrichment, the Spanish lessons were to consolidate our understanding of numbers, the alphabet, the time, as well as learning new phrases to use for our work placements e.g. how to ask where the bathroom is, asking our employers what we can do at work as well as speaking about our favourite past time activities.  

One of my favourite moments of the trip was visiting landmarks and trying different foods to learn about Spanish culture in Alicante.

The weather was nice and hot so we took advantage of those hot days to go to the beach as the water was so nice and cold. We tried all different cuisines from paella to kebabs, pasta to empanadas – it was so rich and heavenly.  

This was an out-of-the-world experience that I am so glad I was able to be a part of. Thank you to HAOC and the MFL department for making this trip happen and leaving me with a whole new demographic I was so happy to explore.”


Our students of French in Year 10 and Year 12 had an amazing opportunity to complete two weeks of work experience in Morzine, in the beautiful French Alps. Students enroled on an extra-curricular NVQ (National Vocational Qualifications) languages course in order for them to participate in this experience.  For the two weeks, students covered three aspects of how to run a luxury chalet in a ski resort.  They spent time learning about housekeeping, hospitality, and three days each with Chef Thomas to prepare and cook meals for the whole group every day.  The students rose to every challenge and provided us all with superb dinners (including a Raclette, tartiflette and cheese tasting!) while maintaining an amazingly clean chalet, even doing the laundry!  They also did two days of work shadowing in placements across the town.  Don’t worry!  They did have some downtime: revising for upcoming assessments back at school, designing wooden ornaments, hiking to the local waterfall, a visit to Thonon, circuit training in a local gym, a treasure hunt, quiz nights, tree climbing activities and plenty of shopping! 

Carter Johnson, Year 10 student 

“I was privileged to be selected to go on the French Work experience trip and it was an incredible opportunity. We embarked to the wonderous town of Morzine. Situated not far from the Swiss border, it is nestled in a picturesque valley with stunning views. In the town there are numerous things to do including many Cafés, a library, church, and an ice rink. Furthermore, it is surrounded by incredible forests and mountains which provide a fitting backdrop for this jaw dropping place. Not only are the views incredible but the natives couldn’t be more welcoming. They create an atmosphere scarcely matched around the town which just adds to the incredible experience. For me, the experience was a once in a lifetime opportunity which I believe I will not replicate. It was not only work-experience but an incredible life opportunity to develop not only skill wise but as a person. I believe that this trip will stay with me for a long while yet.

Ella Greenham, Year 10 student 

“One thing that I really enjoyed about going on the trip to Morzine, France was getting to do work experience in various places around the local town. It was nice to have the opportunity to take my knowledge of French that we had learned in the classroom and apply it to real life situations. It also allowed me to challenge myself by getting to talk to some of the local people in French. It was slightly difficult at first, but the hosts of our placements were so welcoming to all of us, right from the start of our time there which helped a lot. They showed us everything we needed to do and helped us with anything that we were not sure about. I have taken a lot away from this experience which I can use when working anywhere and the things that I have learnt from this experience will definitely stay with me for the future.”

Employer Testimonials

Queens Theatre Hornchurch

“I would just like to say it was an absolute pleasure to have your students with us, they really made a great impression.  They got involved in all of the activities on offer were punctual, professional and motivated. We would love to welcome more of your students back in the future, they have been a credit to the school.”

Stubbers Activity Centre

“Your student was keen and enthusiastic across the week, gave 100% in all activities across the board. Well done on a great week.”

Parent Testimonials

“Ben was incredibly nervous on his first day but came home buzzing! He has grown in confidence since being at his placement and I could definitely see him working in this area. We are so pleased as parents for him to have this opportunity!”

“Owen applied himself with maturity and went into the workplace with an open mind. We had a few very positive comments from the company and was please with how hard Owen worked.”

“Sally really enjoyed her work experience, she got a great insight into what certain year groups do and helped out in a number of subjects which will help her out in the future.”