We've been in touch with and can confirm this damage was not caused by students. We take vandalism & anti-social behaviour very seriously, and glad to hear that our students are meeting our standards. Do get in touch if you have any further concerns


Great turnout for the football tournament, completely organised by the year 9 Sports Leaders! Dodgeball is up next on the 8th May! 🎉


30 - 40 mins


And the mini bus is off!!


And they are off!


Tents and coming and the groups are getting ready to walk!


Good morning! Students are up (no alarm required with the sun) and getting ready to start day two.


Night night


This is what D of E is about. No technology, the great outdoors come rain or shine. Back to basics!

Harris Academies
All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

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Welcome to Vacancies

Our vacancies site is an easy way to search and apply for various opportunities in our Academy. Like our sister academy, Harris Greenwich, we’re aiming to do something different in this school. We believe you can have an incredibly fulfilling career with great training, great opportunities and great craic, without ever burning out.

To discuss growing your career at Harris Ockendon please contact the Executive Principal or Principal for a confidential chat.



20 reasons to work for us

Vision, Values & Culture

Vision, Values & Culture

1Our staff are passionate about developing successful students who enjoy being the best they can be.

2These words are really important for how we show up at work too.

3Our mantra of ‘Work hard, be kind, take responsibility’ ensures students behave brilliantly…and in the rare occasions that they don’t, support for teachers is instant.

4We are developing a supportive, coaching culture of high rapport, high challenge to have you teaching at the top of your game.

5A highly motivated and positive staff.



6A staff voice that is actually listened to – an open door to the Principal.

7No game-playing with results, admissions or people. Honesty is important – even when it's difficult to hear sometimes.

8Good leadership at all levels with integrity and moral purpose at the heart of all we do.

9Senior leaders you can trust, who are human and who all still teach!

10Leaders who walk the talk.

Results & Opportunities

Results & Opportunities

11An area with high deprivation but a wonderful community that is really supportive of the school.

12All subjects genuinely valued and a wide curriculum.

13Your career development taken seriously with excellent CPD and leadership development at all levels.

14A brilliant opportunity to make your career and help us reach a sustainable ‘outstanding’.

15The best facilities in Essex and a state-of-the-art building.

Salary & Perks

Salary & Perks

16Competitive salary with generous Harris enhancement (not performance related) and loyalty bonus.

17Free healthcare plan; loans for season tickets, ICT, bikes; 20% off Tapi carpets.

18Relocation help.

19A commitment to our '40 ways we reduce staff workload' to ensure zero burnout. Ever.

20An additional second week off in October.


Staff Testimonials

Working here has allowed me to work and live in a community I care about greatly. Harris Ockendon have supported me on my continued professional development allowing me to study and work at the same time. They strive to support me to meet my goals providing training and support, proving they are here to help educate the staff with as much pride and passion as they do students.


Teacher of English

In comparison to other schools that I have worked in, the pupils at HAOC have a real dedication to extra-curricular activities. In Drama, we have regular before and after school clubs where pupils spend extra time working on skills, revising, rehearsing exam pieces or devising their own performances. Pupils are also really willing to volunteer at Open Evenings and Parents' Evenings, allowing them to really show the public and the community where their passions lie.


Subject Coordinator of Drama

I have worked successfully across a whole range of schools and in a vast variety of roles, but I feel happier at HAOC than I have in any of my prior workplaces. The main thing for me, aside from our fabulous students, is the support and challenge in the team I work within. Although far from perfect, we all embrace the fact that we are on a journey to be ever better classroom practitioners and there is a genuine hunger amongst us to give the students transformational learning experiences. Another aspect of the school I love is the quality of the CPD. We totally love the sessions as they focus entirely on honing skills in the classroom. Everything we learn is practically applicable and I feel this year that I now understand more about my practice than I ever have.


Subject Team Leader of English

As soon as you walk in the building you are met with students who are hungry for challenge. They want to learn and want someone who will push them. I love working at Ockendon as it pushes me to deliver challenging lessons every day and I am met with fabulous students who I wouldn't change for the world. You have a Head who goes above and beyond in service to the children - this is a staff community supported by a leader who wants to serve the Ockendon community and make every student be the best they can be. Her vision permeates through the building.


Maths senior teacher and consultant

Teaching here has allowed me to sharpen my pedagogy, enhance my professionalism, and most importantly of all, afford us all the privilege, and indeed the right, to not only believe in the students again, but believe in ourselves.


English Lead Practitioner