Knowing what to do beyond post 16 can be both daunting & exciting. We’re preparing our new post 16 cohort with valuable insights about university and apprenticeships as part of our post 16 induction


Kicking off with a Career Ready Assembly on day 2 of our post 16 induction programme. It’s not too late to join in call 01708 852661


Year 10 students turning up to online maths tutoring sessions at 8.00 am. Great to see their commitment and determination to excel


Great end to a great day!


Perfect end to a perfect day!


This is what D of E is all about. Cricket after dinner!


Final group walking into camp!


D of E groups are back at camp!


D of E! All four groups are on their way.


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Going back to school can be difficult for some children. It can help to get into a good routine before term starts. We've got tips on getting into a back-to-school routine and more advice on supporting children with school:


What time would it be now?


Can you solve our today?


It is time for Monday afternoon's maths teaser !


An interesting Monday morning !


Another day means another fun . What position are you in?

Harris Academies
All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

Central Office
















Since March 2020, students' education has been disrupted by the closure of schools and colleges to all but vulnerable children and children of key workers, and there is ongoing potential for self-isolation and further closures.

On 4th January 2021, the Prime Minister announced, in the context of new national restrictions, that exams in summer 2021 could not go ahead as planned, and subsequently alternative arrangements to award grades was released.

For summer 2021, exam boards will ask exam centres (schools and colleges) to generate, for each subject, Teacher Assessed Grades (TAGs), or Qualification-Level Teacher Assessed Grades (Q-TAGs) for their students.

These grades will reflect a fair, reasonable and carefully considered judgement, and be based on a range of evidence completed as part of the course which demonstrates the student’s performance on the subject content they have been taught.

Harris Academy Ockendon has put in place an internal quality assurance process which will be checked by exam boards and includes internal standardisation of marking and grading judgements.  Exam boards will also check the evidence from schools and colleges to ensure exam board requirements have been met.

The Department for Education has confirmed that qualification grades awarded using alternative assessment arrangements in spring and summer 2021, will not be used to create performance table measures or qualification achievement rates at school or college level for use in accountability. 

Sources of Evidence

Since the return to schools in March 2021, we have continued to teach and assess students, so we cover as much of the specification content as possible in order to provide a good basis for a grade.

Students have been made aware of the sources of evidence that form the basis of the grades submitted.  This can include performance from any point during the course of study that reflects the course specification and content whether it was taught in the classroom or via remote learning.

In exceptional circumstances, the range and amount of evidence could vary between subjects and students. We will be flexible in the type of evidence submitted where some students may have missed particular assessments through no fault of their own.  In such circumstances other evidence may be submitted if available.

Centre Policies

We have created two Centre Policies which can be accessed via the pages to the left which reflect our individual circumstances.  We have explained our statement of intent, roles and responsibilities, training support and guidance provided to those determining TAGs and Q-TAGs, use of appropriate evidence, how teacher assessment grades will be determined as well as the quality assurance process in place.

Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ)

JCQ are an organisation comprising the eight largest providers of qualifications in the UK, whose aim is to provide common administrative arrangements for examinations and who work together with their members regarding proposals from regulators, the government and other stakeholders.

JCQ has produced some guidance on the TAG process, specifically aimed at students and their parents/guardians.  Please click on the relevant page to the left to view.


Ofqual are the Office for Qualifications and Examinations Regulations which regulate qualifications, examinations and assessments in England.  They have produce a student guide to the process of awarding grades for summer 2021 which can be found by accessing the page to the left.

Should you have any further questions about this process that is not answered within these pages please do not hesitate to contact the academy via email on