Knowing what to do beyond post 16 can be both daunting & exciting. We’re preparing our new post 16 cohort with valuable insights about university and apprenticeships as part of our post 16 induction


Kicking off with a Career Ready Assembly on day 2 of our post 16 induction programme. It’s not too late to join in call 01708 852661


Year 10 students turning up to online maths tutoring sessions at 8.00 am. Great to see their commitment and determination to excel


Great end to a great day!


Perfect end to a perfect day!


This is what D of E is all about. Cricket after dinner!


Final group walking into camp!


D of E groups are back at camp!


D of E! All four groups are on their way.


Retweetd From NSPCC

Going back to school can be difficult for some children. It can help to get into a good routine before term starts. We've got tips on getting into a back-to-school routine and more advice on supporting children with school:


What time would it be now?


Can you solve our today?


It is time for Monday afternoon's maths teaser !


An interesting Monday morning !


Another day means another fun . What position are you in?

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Home Testing (Covid-19)

Many people with Coronavirus have mild, or even no symptoms, but can still spread the virus.  With regular self-testing the spread of the virus can slow and help protect the most vulnerable in our families and communities.

Now that all the lateral flow testing has taken place in school, students are now being issued with self-testing kits to use at home.  These self-testing kits are a rapid antigen swab test, conducted in the same way as the lateral flow tests in school, and are used to check for transmissible Covid-19 in asymptomatic people.

Students will be provided with a sealed box containing 3 covid-19 lateral flow tests, along with a step-by-step booklet to guide you through the process.  Should you wish to view a digital version of the guide, please click HERE.

It is very important you read the instructions and follow the steps in the correct order. 

When should the tests be taken?

All home testing should take place twice each week, every Sunday and Wednesday evening.  Each test will take about 15 minutes to set up and results will be ready after a further 30 minutes.

How do I take the test?

The NHS have produced a leaflet which will provide you with a step by step guide to taking a lateral flow test.  To view this please click HERE.

We have also produced two ‘How to’ video guides; to watch a demonstration of how to take the test, please click HERE. For a guide to the contents of the home kits, and how to process the tests please click HERE .

What if the results are negative?

If your results are negative, then it is likely that you were not infectious at the time the test was taken.  You must continue to follow national and local rules and guidelines regarding regular hand washing, social distancing and wearing face coverings, where required.

What if the results are positive?

If your results are positive, it means you are currently infected with coronavirus and risk infecting others.  You must notify the academy as soon as possible, and book a confirmation PCR test by either going online at or by calling NHS 119.

You and anyone who lives with you, or is in your support bubble, must self-isolate in accordance with current national and local guidelines, which can be found HERE.

If the confirmation PCR test is negative, your child can return to school and normal activities can be resumed.

If the confirmation PCR test is positive, then you should continue to self-isolate for the remainder of the 10-day period.

What if the results are void?

If you get a void result, this means that the test has not been run correctly.  You need to take another home-test.  You should use a new test kit; it is important you do not re-use anything from the first kit.

If you don’t have another home-test kit available, you should book a PCR test online via or by calling NHS 119.