Knowing what to do beyond post 16 can be both daunting & exciting. We’re preparing our new post 16 cohort with valuable insights about university and apprenticeships as part of our post 16 induction


Kicking off with a Career Ready Assembly on day 2 of our post 16 induction programme. It’s not too late to join in call 01708 852661


Year 10 students turning up to online maths tutoring sessions at 8.00 am. Great to see their commitment and determination to excel


Great end to a great day!


Perfect end to a perfect day!


This is what D of E is all about. Cricket after dinner!


Final group walking into camp!


D of E groups are back at camp!


D of E! All four groups are on their way.


Retweetd From NSPCC

Going back to school can be difficult for some children. It can help to get into a good routine before term starts. We've got tips on getting into a back-to-school routine and more advice on supporting children with school:


What time would it be now?


Can you solve our today?


It is time for Monday afternoon's maths teaser !


An interesting Monday morning !


Another day means another fun . What position are you in?

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Express Yourself

Express Yourself

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Expressing yourself is about finding creative ways to share feelings, thoughts or ideas. This may be through painting, journaling, dancing, or maybe just having a chat with a friend.

There may be many ways we choose to express ourselves. It may change depending on the situation we find ourselves in and will be different to others. The most important thing is finding what works for you, in that moment, so you feel comfortable sharing your thoughts and feelings.

Below are a few things you could try to express yourself.

Try defining yourself - who are you?  Have a think, write it down, chat about it with your friends or family.

Pick a quotation that means something to you. What makes it meaningful?

Make a photo montage or video that expresses who you are as a person.

Write a daily journal.

Sing a song. Sing it out loud, or sing it in your head, sing alone or with your family. Try watching this short video and singing along to the lyrics on the screen.

Dance the stress away. Dance can be a great way to express yourself, release stress and tension and make a positive contribution to your wellbeing. Try watching this video for inspiration.

Daily Mile Challenge.  Getting out and about can be a great way to relieve stress and tension; a change of scene, some fresh air, and exercise, be it walking, running or cycling. Click HERE to find out more. And click HERE to read about the benefits of thriving with nature.

In the Garden

Gardens and gardening are great for making us feel better, and the real magic is, anyone, anywhere can enjoy their healing powers. It doesn't matter if you have a big or small garden, a balcony with pots, or a few pots on a window sill indoors, you can still plant things and watch them grow.  Click HERE to find out more about the benefits of gardening to mental health and wellbeing, and how you can express yourself through plants.