Fixtures for next week are as follows: Thursday 4th November - Year 7 Boys Football V Thomas Tallis (Away) 2.45 KO - Year 8 Girls Netball v Harris Riverside (Home)


A massive congratulations to the boys year 8 football team who have won all 5 matches this term, finishing with a 14-0 win against Greig City 🎉🎉


A massive congratulations to the year 8 girls netball team who won their first match against Harris Chafford Hundred, 17-1! 🎉🎉


A big well done to all students who have attended our extra curricular clubs so far this term! It’s great to see such a high uptake and we hope it continues when we come back!


Boys football club is cancelled on Monday 11th October for Boys year 7 and 8. Training is still on for Year 8 Boys.


Thursday 14th October - Year 8 Girls Netball v Harris Chafford Hundred @ home - Year 8 Boys Football v Greig City @ home (National Cup) - Year 10 Boys Football @ Harris Riverside (3/3)


Wednesday 13th October - Under 13’s Girls Football @ Highsted Grammar (National Cup) - Year 9 Boys Football @ Maltings Academy (National Cup) (2/3)


Fixtures for next week are as follows: Monday 11th October - Year 7 Boys Football @ Harris Riverside - Year 8 Boys Football v Hall Mead @ home (Essex Cup) (1/3)


"Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears" ... The wonderful cast of HAOC's 'Julius Caesar' in rehearsal this week.


Well done to our key stage 3 debaters who held their first formal debate today in debate club 👏🏻 The teams were confident & well-prepared, with the proposition securing the win by half a point. So proud of you all!


Congratulations to the Year 9 Boys Football team on their 3-1 victory against Gateway Academy for their league and cup game 🎉


Years 7-9 girls football working hard at club!


Our year 10/11 girls preparing well for their U16 netball rally!


Year 10 and 11 boys rugby trying out and working hard on some new drills!


Great turn out for our year 7, 8 and 9 boys football today!


What talented artists we have here at Harris Ockendon! Check out our corridor-gallery as part of our celebrations of Black History Month 2021.


Well done to our U14 girls playing the first round of the Essex Cup vs Drapers Academy yesterday!


Extra Curricular PE Clubs for next week are as follows:


Fixtures for next week are as follows: Thursday 7th October - U16’s Girls Netball Rally @ Hassenbrook - Year 9 Boys Football Essex Cup v Southend High School @ Home - Year 8 Boys Football @ Riverside (2/2)


Fixtures for next week are as follows: Monday 4th October - Year 9 Boys Football @ Gateway Tuesday 5th October - Year 8 Boys Rugby Festival @ Barking Rugby Club (12.30 start) (1/2)

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Express Yourself

Express Yourself

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Expressing yourself is about finding creative ways to share feelings, thoughts or ideas. This may be through painting, journaling, dancing, or maybe just having a chat with a friend.

There may be many ways we choose to express ourselves. It may change depending on the situation we find ourselves in and will be different to others. The most important thing is finding what works for you, in that moment, so you feel comfortable sharing your thoughts and feelings.

Below are a few things you could try to express yourself.

Try defining yourself - who are you?  Have a think, write it down, chat about it with your friends or family.

Pick a quotation that means something to you. What makes it meaningful?

Make a photo montage or video that expresses who you are as a person.

Write a daily journal.

Sing a song. Sing it out loud, or sing it in your head, sing alone or with your family. Try watching this short video and singing along to the lyrics on the screen.

Dance the stress away. Dance can be a great way to express yourself, release stress and tension and make a positive contribution to your wellbeing. Try watching this video for inspiration.

Daily Mile Challenge.  Getting out and about can be a great way to relieve stress and tension; a change of scene, some fresh air, and exercise, be it walking, running or cycling. Click HERE to find out more. And click HERE to read about the benefits of thriving with nature.

In the Garden

Gardens and gardening are great for making us feel better, and the real magic is, anyone, anywhere can enjoy their healing powers. It doesn't matter if you have a big or small garden, a balcony with pots, or a few pots on a window sill indoors, you can still plant things and watch them grow.  Click HERE to find out more about the benefits of gardening to mental health and wellbeing, and how you can express yourself through plants.